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VDRS PC based

VDRS PC based recorders family is a modern and reliable device which works under Windows XP Embedded. The line of products was designed to meet requirements of all the clients.

VDRS Compact is a compact video recorder which is perfect for most of the tasks. In spite of small size it can record the image from up to 32 cameras. Wide range of available versions and extensions enables flexible configuration of the system for current needs. Industrial Microsoft Windows XP Embedded makes the VDR-S Compact system stabile and easy in use. Clear and functional interface makes the usage easier even to the people without much experience with similar systems. Modules ConExt0404 and ConExt1604 allow to control PTZ domes. PTZ steering can be made by keyboard, joystick or special VDRS PTZ panel.


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Camera image can be compressed by one of two available codecs DJPEG or MPEG4. Efficient DJPEG compression system guarantees long-lasting image recording and advanced archives make the analysis of recorded video quick and easy.


Remote access to VDRS Compact recorder is realised by VDRC client application which allows live camera display and archive browsing. VDRC Mobile client application is also available. It is designed to work on mobile devices with Windows Mobile or Symbian OS. All versions of the client applications are distributed free of charge.


VDRS Professional is high class digital image recorder with maximum number of 32 video inputs. System is perfect for complex installations where many video channels and long recording time are needed. Developed VDRC Multiclient application allows remote cooperation with practically unlimited number of VDRS recorders. Possibility to monitors improves managing many servers on one computer station. Expanded motion detection settings and advanced options for video archive managing will fulfill even most advanced applications requirements.
Advanced sound detection settings are additionally enhancing the use and eliminating false alarms. Wide range of the recording speed up to 400/480 fps and available resolutions up to 4 CIF allows precise system tunning for current needs.
VDRS Enterprise series recorders are designed for most demanding clients. Each video channel can record with D1 resolution with up to 25/30 fps. Additionally to each video channel one audio channel is available.
Maximum number of video inputs is 32 and each video stream can be recorded in the highest quality with MPEG2, MPEG4 or DJPEG compression. Like all other recorders VDRS Enterprise can be equipped with set of digital inputs and outputs and RS485 for PTZ dome control. Optional redundant power supply increases the security and allows to install VDRS Enterprise in all places, where reliability is the priority.
Comparison table
Video imputs
Recording speed PAL/NTSC
6/7 , 12/15, 25/30 @ CIF
6/7 , 12/15, 25/30 @ CIF
25 @ D1
CIF, 1/2D1,D1
Audio inputs
Max 16
Max 16
Max 32
Video compression
Software Mpeg4/DJPEG
Software Mpeg4/DJPEG
Software DJPEG
Hardware MPEG2/MPEG4
RS485/D IO
Not all models
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