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Clipsal Security System  

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MinderPRO Controller  
5300TCU8/8 Premise Automation Controller, 8 inputs/8 outputs, 16Vac @ 3A transformer, telephone dialer
5300TCU8/0 Premise Automation Controller, 8 inputs, 16Vac @ 3A transformer, telephone dialer
5300CU8/8 Premise Automation Controller, 8 inputs/8 outputs, telephone dialer
5300CU8/0 Premise Automation Controller, 8 inputs, telephone dialer
The 5300CU series of Premise Automation Controllers are intelligent units features a powerful processor and are suited at applications where specific reactions are requires to particular events. The product features an 8-zone security system, which may be expanded to 64 zones. The controller features a telephone dialer and supports central monitoring to a base station. In addition, scheduling of events and time management control of devices is facilitated by the on board real time clock.

5316KP Keypad, LED
The Clipsal MinderPRO keypad provides a user-friendly interface to the Premise Controller. The keypad is used to program, control and monitor status of devices connected to the controller. Featuring 16 unique users, one touch arming for ‘Away’, ‘Night’, ‘Day’, and ‘Vacation’ modes, microphone input and indicator for mains power, battery, security mode and messaging waiting notification. Up to 8 keypads may be used with a single Premise Controller. Available in white, black and soft grey.

Door Station  
5301DS Door Station
5350RG Ringer Module
The Clipsal MinderPRO Door Station used in conjunction with the Ringer Module provides a handy intercom with the keypad or house phone. The Ringer Module is used to connect the house phones to the keypad and the door station. Up to 3 door stations may be connected to a single Premise Controller.
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