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DVR System Series

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Digital Observation System  

Digital Observation system should be designed for easy installation and user interface, also can be used to enhance facility security, improve personal safety, and maintain employee productivity and safe work practices-at a price low enough for any business of afford !

PC Based DVR  

KT&C DVR, Digital Video Recording Systems supports real time display and recording digitally through own patented Codec algorithm using MPEG 4 compression method. also supports real time image transmission and remote control function over the Internet.

Cost-Effective Digital Video Recorder
◆ Upgraded M-JPEG Compression
◆ Recording mode (Continuous, Motion, Sensor, Schedule)
◆ Motion detection (24ea division)
◆ Search mode (Time, Event)
◆ Powerful playback
◆ HDD*2 (up to 2 Tera bytes)
◆ Pelco-D prptocol, RS485
◆ Remote monitoring and control by client program
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